Saturday, August 23, 2008

Capturing the Story: The next chapter

Capturing the story takes time and patience. I have heard from two of the students that it is sometimes difficult to take photos of the subjects they wanted to because some people did not want their pictures to be taken. We talked about how they handled this and processed the experience. It would be ideal to have a digital camera for the students so that they could share their images instantly, a technique sometimes used to build trust and to include the participant in the process.

The students had 1-2 weeks to take the photographs and complete their one page essay. What has become clear thus far is that all of the CES students who have participated not only are enjoying the opportunity to take and receive their photographs but they are truly grateful of being sponsored by CES. Every one of them reported how their life circumstances have changed and that although the road may sometimes be uphill, they have the support to keep climbing.

It will take several months and possibly into 2009 to complete the photography project. The distance involved and resources required to make copies of all of the photographs for the students and to compile their essay’s will take time. Continue watching for the update of some of the most inspirational young people in Kakamega, Kenya.

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Unknown said...

I happened upon your blog today and read all of your posts!
I'm very excited to continue on your journey as the days progress...
It's very exciting what you are doing!