Saturday, August 23, 2008

Capturing the Story: Karibu

My dream of going to Kenya began nearly 20 years ago after meeting Miriam at a refuge shelter where I was a summer camp leader. Miriam had just arrived from Kenya along with her mother. Miriam touched my heart in many ways while we stumbled and laughed through the summer, talking, playing games and going to see the movie “The Lion King.” – which unbeknownst at the time was my first lesson in Swahili! Meeting this kindred spirit, I began to learn about the wonderful kindness and good naturedness of the Kenyan people.

When I arrived in Kakamega on April19, 08, I heard a man ask me,Are you Canadian?” I turned around and there was a smiling Mr. Malik Khaemba and Mr. Ben Udoto. Karibu (welcome). Habari gani? Nzuri. It is great to be here and I am happy to call Kakamega my home for awhile.

(These photos were taken in the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya’s world-renowned wildlife reserve.)

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